My name is Cormac McCann, I make first class web experiences. I am a frontend web developer with over three years of enterprise level experience.

My Day Job

For the past three years I’ve been a front-end web developer working as part on the in house team at KAX Media in Dublin, Ireland. In that time I’ve gone from working on simple responsive static sites, to native mobile apps and even in house propritary analytical tools. Lately I’ve been afforded to oppurtunity to focus on development on rich dynamic functionality using Vue JS,

I for the past few years I’ve been heavily involved with Design and SEO processed. To the point where I’ve gained a substanial understanding, and been able to apply both to my development process.

My Weekend Project

In early 2018 I started a web development blog titled: My Weekend Project. The site started as a filler slot for my portfolio but quickly became a place for me to experiment and grow my skillset. Since starting the site I have become more proficitient in writing, SEO, design and of course development. My Weekend Project has also led to me starting a Coding Live Stream on Twitch, and a Youtube channel for housing all the past streams

My spare Time

When I’m not in work, writing, or streaming...

I enjoy playing music. I’ve played in several bands & duets over the years am constantly spending too much money on gear. I’ve also started collecting vinyl, which again isn’t exactly a hobby that’s easy on my wallet either, but hey

I’m a pretty frequent gamer, right now Apex Legneds is my jam. I’ve built a few gaming PC’s in my time and am constantly keeping an eye on new hardware and builds!